Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hello world!

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Greetings! Most of you know me (if you know me at all) as Principal at Winters Advertising & Public Relations. I have worn that hat since 1986. Well, I’m on to a new venture now as an author. I’m a mystery writer, which should not surprise anyone. I have loved mysteries since I discovered Trixie Belden at age ten. Trixie also introduced me to horseback riding, which is a passion I carry on to this day. From Trixie, I moved on to Agatha Christie, Rex Stout and Dorothy L. Sayers. As a matter of fact, Dorothy’s Lord Peter Wimsy was such an influence that I named my first horse “Wimsy”, and subsequently my horse “Denver” after the Duke of Denver, Lord Peter’s hapless brother. I’m calling the blog “Get A Clue” which was also the theme of the first website I designed for my agency. The graphics all centered around the infamous game. I finally took the plunge and penned my first novel “Murder at Morgan House.” I am now on a quest for publication. I will consider any and all offers!

P.S. I will dress this up as we go along

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