Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ivy Snow...Our Heroine

Ivy Snow is the new amateur female sleuth on the mystery book scene. She makes her debut in Murder at Morgan House, the first in a series that challenges Ivy, and her psychic teenage daughter, Jaycee to use their wits, and in Jaycee's case psychic "gifts" to solve crimes and restore justice to their
adopted home of Wellington Pennsylvania. Ivy started her career as an Olympic Eventing hopeful, but had to abandon that dream after a nasty riding accident. She segued into journalism, focusing on horse related themes, and eventually found herself a single mom (after a disastrous marriage) trying to raise fraternal teenage twins at Little Paddocks, their horse farm just outside of Wellington. The town of Wellington, being what it is, bucolic on the outside, sinister on the inside, is rife with murderous opportunity. Ivy has a propensity for getting herself sucked into nefarious situations beginning with her unfortunate stumble upon a dead body in a house on fire.

Sometimes frightening, sometimes fun, the adventures of Ivy and her cohorts are never boring!

Cast of Characters


Ivy Snow – Former Olympic rider and now publisher of equine themed books, Ivy is moving on after an unfortunate marriage. Mother of teenage twins, Jaycee and Jayson, she is a woman who evolves from one to whom things happen, into one who makes things happen. 


Jaycee – Ivy’s bubbly teenage daughter, Jaycee is following in her mother’s footsteps to a career with horses. A typical teen in every way except one…she is psychic.


Jayson – Jaycee’s twin brother, Jayson is a good kid at heart, but is always in one scrape or another, to Ivy’s chagrin.


Bartholomew Skeleton – Ivy’s ex-husband, “Bart” is a top criminal defense lawyer with an unparalleled narcissistic streak.


Michael Tellington Smythe – Heir to a steel fortune, “Mike” is a connoisseur of the finer things in life and socially well connected.


Roberta Bristol – Queen Bee of the Colonial House B&B, Roberta knows everyone in town, and where all the bodies are buried.


Crystal Prichard – Real Estate agent, and Ivy’s best friend, Crystal has a bohemian style and a propensity for gossip. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.


Beaufort “Biff” Biddle – Pro-athlete wanna be, Biff never made it further than high school gym teacher and guidance counselor. Fancies himself a bit of a Don Juan.


Zachariah “Ziggy” Haskell – Stable hand at the Wellington Equestrian Center, Ziggy was born on the wrong side of the tracks, and struggles to keep his head above water. Where Ziggy goes, trouble follows.


Tommy Monroe – Former high school football star and chick magnet, Tommy is handsome and charismatic. Unfortunately, he is saddled with his less-than-astute cousin Ziggy.


Sandy Dobrowski –Tommy Monroe’s shy and complacent girlfriend.


Jim Kopeck – A big noise on Wellington’s Town Council, Jim sees that things are done right in his town.


The Gleason Brothers – Danny and Andy share ownership of Gleason Motors, the family’s down-at-the-heels auto dealership.


Ryan Adler - CFO of the Philadelphia Cosa Nostra.


Sloane Parker (aka Lydia Brown) – Renegade private eye, and Ivy’s former Olympic teammate.


Bertrand Reynard – native of Cote de Ivory, and student at the Sorbonne, he comes to Wellington to intern at Ivy Snow Publishing.


Melinda – self- proclaimed femme fatale, she shares an office in the Ivy Snow Publishing suite.



Detective John Garrett - Pennsylvania State Police Detective, he is in charge of the Morgan House murder investigation. He is a hunk.


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