Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Murder at Morgan House" Now available in print!

 "Murder at Morgan House" now available in print at!

   Getting into publishing at this stage of the game has been very interesting. When I began writing the novel two years ago, I did so with some preconceived notions about what was involved with getting a book into print. My notions were not unfounded, as they were based on traditional publishing avenues; write the book, find an agent to sell the book to a publishing house, (or in rare and extremely lucky circumstances sell directly to the publisher) and then work with their editors, graphic designers and marketing department to get the book on the shelves of booksellers, both chain and independent. 
   Fast forward one year later, and a new reality was poised to set in. The publishing world changed at the speed of light. When I attended my first Writers Workshop in New York in the spring of 2012, there was scant mention of independent publishing, relegating  it to the scoffed upon "vanity publishing." It was what one did when no publishing house would accept the manuscript. 
   That was then, and this is now. Several major factors have contributed to the changes. First, the growth in popularity of e-books. With Kindles, Nooks, and i-pads flooding the marketplace people found that they could enjoy their favorite reads on demand , and for a fraction of the cost of a book in print. This of course affected retail sales and resulted in the demise of Borders, and the re-dedication of space in Barns and Noble expanding the gift departments, and of course Starbucks. Many independent bookstores bit the dust, but fortunately for us browsers, not all.  In addition, publishing houses themselves went through mass mergers and consolidations. Actually, there are very few large publishing entities left, they just have numerous imprints under their banners that only look like separate entities. E-book divisions at traditional publishing houses are cropping up daily.
   After much research, I concluded that time, money and aggravation would be saved by going the independent publishing route. Considering the fact that in publishing today, authors all are expected to create their own "platform", including websites, blogs, social media etc. Whether independent or traditionally published, writers must spearhead the marketing of their own books.  At the end of the day, I decided to offer my books in print as well as e-versions for those who prefer to touch actual pages. So, please read my blog, visit my website, and like me on Facebook. I hope you will enjoy "Murder at Morgan House."

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